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Cixi Kent Bearing Company participates in the Hanover Exhibition in Germany in 2019

German Hanover Exhibition Company was founded on August 16, 1947 and registered with a capital of 1.2 million marks. It was just after the end of World War II that Germany was in trouble, with housing collapse, industrial bankruptcy and a prolonged shortage of food. The winning Western powers believed that the only way to restore Germany's economy was to show its own goods to the outside world.

The world's top industry event. On this unparalleled platform, manufacturers of various products display their innovative products, including gear systems, rolling systems, motors, linear motion technology, pumps, cylinders, filters, hoses, seals and other power transmission equipment and components.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, the importance of industrial spare parts allocation is becoming more and more important. At the exhibition, there are opportunities to see industrial materials, industrial processes, industrial products and so on.

During the exhibition, our products exhibition achieved excellent results, visitors have expressed a high degree of interest and recognition of our bearing products.